Dan Pearson


“Living the dream”

Dan is an award-winning entrepreneur, pilot and certified IT nerd. 

At 16, Dan raised enough support from local businesses to buy a satellite to provide high speed internet to the local CBD. His passion for business, IT and sales started here. Dan’s early career saw him working in IT sales and making his way up to the CFI of the company at a young age. From here he saw emerging areas in cloud technology and built his first business, PingCo. 

Dan is also passionate about aviation. He is a talented commercial aeroplane and helicopter pilot with several additional ratings under his belt, including flight instructor, aerobatics, multi-engine and instrument flight endorsements. Dan chose to fuse his two passions, technology and aviation together by building his own aircraft, an RV-10. 

A builder of aeroplanes, businesses and people – Dan is known for building those up around him to execute their goals and focus on personal growth. He has a proven track record of building businesses and helping new businesses to grow. 

Dan is a devoted father to his 2 young daughters, who are his pride and joy.

Being interested in anything outdoors, Dan is an active and outgoing person who enjoys spending his weekends exploring the country by air and by sea.